French Bunnies Haven

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Bunnies love life too

Based in Leyland, lancashire  UK...........................................................Site updated 2/5/2019


 Hi and welcome to FrenchBunniesHaven, My name is Jen and i am a hobby breeders of the beautiful french lop, all our rabbits are much loved pets first and foremost.  I kind of fell into breeding in 2009 as i had some buns as therapy after being off work due to illness and taking in rescue bunnies, then my hubby got me my first french lop Mr Blobby and i was hooked!... besides the french lops i also have a 3 legged dwarf lop called Tripod who is a family pet but my love is the french lops who are like dogs without the bark. I have found litter training to be a lot quicker than expected and all the rabbits i have litter trained have managed to figure out in less than two days what the tray is for :)

I could not do this without my wonderful hubby who made all my hutches and puts up with the odd bunny that appears in the kitchen and the babies in the playpen in the living room.

At one time my kitchen was  taken over by rabbits, i had 4 babies in the kitchen and also their dad, in a separate cage of course! But daddy as now gone with my daughter and the babies my kitchen back at last.....

I also have some rescue bunnies up for adoption at times, and retired doe's please ask if interested....or check out the  Adoption & sales policy page for any available.

I am pleased to say i have got some great type rabbits bred here and from some lovely breeders and it is now paying off with the size and type i am lucky enough to be breeding. I have a few i am still working on type but that is the fun part and the rewarding side is seeing some of these beautiful rabbits in excellent homes.

I do concentrate mainly on blue's, lilac's and chocolates, including the white eared that i adore.
There is nothing better than having babies climbing all over you and watching them grow.

French lops are a giant breed and do need plenty of room and space to grow, they love running about and throwing themselves on their sides when relaxed which is amusing to see. 
All buns will leave with birth certificate, change over food and a lifetime of support, any questions just ask :)

Once i decide who is staying then i will post all available kits ready to reserve from 5/6wks and leave from 10wks, i reserve the right to keep them an extra couple of wks if i feel they need it.

PRICES with affect from 1/5/19
Prices are £60 all colours 
£20 non returnable deposit will reserve the rabbit of choice, if for any reason i cancel the sale then deposit will be refunded.
If you want to put a rabbit on hold before 5/6wks then i am happy to do so (no deposit) until they are 5/6wks when a deposit will be required.

Feel free to browse and do your research, the more you know then the happier you and your bun will be. :) 

Our Bucks

Dodger - Blue Fox
(retired here)
sadly now passed away

GIBBS - Blue butterfly

Vance - Agouti

Booger - Choc otter butterfly

Now in a new home with laura

Rolo - Choc Harlie


ELECTRA - Blue self

NAN - Choc white eared

Retired here

DIDO - Choc self
retired here

ABBY - Lilac self

My keeper from Mrs Brown's litter

Babiana- Blue self (Abby's daughter)

Garcia - Harlie white eared

Caitlyn - Lilac Otter

Binx - Choc otter

Gucci - Blue white eared

Thumberlina - choc otter butterfly

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